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open schedule




Sign up for a trial lesson today. You can make a reservation here and schedule it for any day you're available. Read more for details.

We have a large open schedule for you to choose from. Come to any of our available classes to learn a new skill.


You will receive detailed individualized training from our instructors and work cooperatively with fellow students to help you attain a structure foundation.

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We teach a number of different arts along with Wing Chun including Eskrima, traditional Japanese sword, women's self defense, and joint locks and throws.

USA Wing CHun KUen




Established in 2002, the USAWCKA provides one of the best environments in the metro area to learn martial arts. Bring your friends and have fun.



Self Defense instruction In Philadelphia


Choose any of our locations that will accommodate you. We have several locations within the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area with more to come.